Why Should You Donate Blood?

Blood drives are often an event we hear about around our high school or college campuses, at work and many other communities we are a part of. What can be accomplished by donating blood? There are a vast number of ways a blood donation can have an amazing impact and help others. One in every seven patients entering a hospital require blood transfusions and blood is needed on average every 2 seconds!

Less than 10% of eligible donors donate blood which causes a constant need for more blood donors. There are constantly people requiring blood transfusions who can be impacted by blood donations. People consistently in need include those with conditions such as sickle cell disease, cancer, transplants and many other surgery patients.

There is not currently an artificial replacement to blood which means donations are constantly needed. Blood can only be stored for a certain amount of time before it is used before it is unable to be used. In order to ensure patients can receive the blood they need; a constant supply of donations is necessary.

The actual donation process is very safe and easy! All steps included, it generally takes under an hour including the paperwork and the blood drawing process is only approximately 10 minutes of the total time. The food and drug administration as well as American Association of Blood Banks closely regulate the process making sure the donor, blood supply and end recipient stay safe and protected. Other than a needle prick the process is painless! It should not be uncomfortable for the donor while blood is being drawn, although the donor is recommended to avoid physical activity for at least five hours after giving blood.

Standard blood donations can be made every eight weeks, which is equal to six times per year! With this amount of blood able to be donated, countless lives can be impacted which means countless reasons why you should donate blood the next time you are able!

-Davis Hoover, Alexander’s Hope Intern



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