Valentine’s Day Dash 2022

3rd Annual Alexander’s Hope Valentine’s Day Dash!

Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and sponsored the event!!
It was a huge success and we cannot wait for next year’s race!

Thank you Nikola Lakic, Jason Tang, and Sasha Juric for volunteering your time and talent to provide high-quality, free photos for all of the race participants!

Online Photo Contest Winners:

Best Race Scenery: Matt Hall – ran his race in Waterton canyon just outside of Denver Colorado!

Best Dressed Dogs:
Kelly, Daisy & Jamie’s pups!

Best Team Photo: Jayne Osborn, Addyson Day, & Christal Day

Best Race Photo: Andrea Ogg, she ran her race in Kenya!

Virtual Race Age Group Winners:

12 & Under – Addyson Day (48:56)

13-19 – Alexis McCloud (21:58)

20-29 – Matt Hall (24:52)

30-39 – Shaina McCloud (29:57)

40-49 – Jackie Soo (35:09)

50-59 – Wendy Healy (31:10)

60-69 – Karen Merz (39:22)

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this race a success! Volunteers, Sponsors, Participants – you all know who you are!
We hope to see you at the 2023 Valentine’s Day Dash!


Thank you to our incredible sponsors! We would not have been able to do this without them!

Title Sponsor:

Presenting Sponsors:


Media Sponsors:


We would also like to thank our in-kind donors – thank you all so much for supporting our community and making the event memorable!


Still have questions? Want to become a sponsor, donor, or volunteer? Email [email protected]