As a pharmacist, mother of three, wife, and so, so much more, Patti knew that when she noticed her vision starting to deteriorate, that she needed to do something about it.

She found herself going into her optometrist quite often, as often as every six months, for a new prescription. From there, she assumed that lasik might be the best fix, so she tracked down the same optometrist that did her brother’s lasik. From there, she soon discovered that lasik would not be an option and that something was seriously wrong with her eyes.

After going in for a consultation with a cornea specialist, Patti was diagnosed with Fuch’s Dystrophy, a hereditary condition that causes one’s vision to deteriorate and typically doesn’t result in the need for a transplant until someone reaches their 60’s or 70’s. When someone has Fuch’s Dystrophy, their corneas begin to thicken causing vision impairment and eventual blindness. When Patti had received her diagnosis, she was almost completely blind in her left eye.

At the age of 45, Patti underwent a corneal transplant in her left eye. 9 years later she underwent a transplant in her right eye. Initially after the transplant, Patti took four eye drops regularly to help ensure her eyes remained in good condition.

She is forever grateful to the two people who decided to sign up as organ and tissue donors, without them, she would not still have her sight.