Liz Strathy-Merrill

Liz is the Vice President of Investor Services for the Sound Equity Debt Fund and Owner of Sweat Equity Gym (Seattle and San Diego) and is a personal Health/Balance Coach. She attended the University of Washington on athletic scholarship (swimming). Giving back to the community has always been hugely important to Liz. She has raised money to build 8 fresh water wells in Africa as well as a pre-school and hosted fundraisers for the Family Seal Foundation and served on the board of Childhaven for 2 terms. Liz has continued her love for sport her entire life. She has completed over 10 marathons and ultra-marathons as well as many long-distance bike races. Her passion is to combine the lessons and habits taught through sport and business to help women of all socioeconomic and physical backgrounds to truly become their very best selves. To optimize their potential and to use these gifts to change the world.