Although she has acted as a donor on a smaller scale, the donations, and her willingness to give still, is what sets Heather apart from the rest. As a donor, Heather has given blood, as well as added her name to the database of those signed up for Be The Match as a potential bone marrow donor. Heather’s first donation came on her college campus. As she was on her way home from class one day, she saw a sign in passing advertising a blood drive on campus, so she decided to stop in, and next thing you know, she was in the chair giving blood. Heather is a firm believer that donating blood is such an easy way to help so many people, so why would you not step up if you are able to. Although she has not yet been called by Be The Match, Heather knows that upon receiving that call, if she ever does, she would be eager to make her way to the hospital to help in saving someone’s life. Heathers responses to the interview regarding this piece were rather casual, and when asked why, she simply expressed that the people in need of her donation are going through battles far worse than she could ever imagine having to endure herself, thus making it an easy decision for her in the end to help restore, or improve, someone’s quality of life.