Dr. Green-Reese

Dr. Green-Reese had been dealing with minor signs of kidney infection which progressed to a serious level directly resulting from her traumatic stay in the Leesburg Stockade as a young girl.  Recently, she is under the care of three nationally recognized kidney and diabetic specialists at the Vanderbilt University’s Medical Center, in Nashville, Tennessee.

When the staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center became familiar with Dr. Reese’s professional accomplishments and her life’s story, they recruited her to serve on the Vanderbilt University’s Patient, Family & Community Kidney Advisory Committee.  Dr. Green-Reese has become a passionate advocate for kidney health and kidney disease prevention.  She has also served as a keynote speaker at the Vanderbilt’s Medical School and other surrounding universities sharing the 1963 Leesburg Stockade Girls’ Story.

As a result of the excellent care she has received at Vanderbilt, she has been able to avoid dialysis, but now is preparing for a kidney transplant very soon.  While she is grateful to have health insurance that will cover the majority of the costs of the transplant and aftercare, but there are exorbitant expenses related to the procedure that will be out of her pocket for a lifetime.

According to her patient-care coordinator, post-operative medications are projected to cost approximately is $5,000 monthly which will include co-pay for an extended period of time.  Also, upon being discharged from the hospital after her transplant, she must remain in Nashville, Tennessee for close monitoring for weeks and depending on her progress, possibly months.  Travel and housing for this purpose are not covered by insurance.

These and other out-of-pocket costs are projected for long-term medical care visits to be approximately $30,000 or more for a lifetime.

With a living kidney donor (A Gift of Life), Dr. Green-Reese will continue to be a great asset to her community. Learn more here about Dr. Green-Reese at https://tinyurl.com/yxruru6g