In April of 2004, Annette Naylor got news most never do, she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, in other words, bone marrow cancer. Because of the affects the multiple myeloma had on Annette and her body, she was forced to begin dialysis treatments which she underwent three days a week. Because of this new found normal for Annette, she was forced to leave her job at a local grocery store’s meat counter,  resulting in the loss of a source of income for her family. 

Eight months after her initial diagnosis, she was lucky enough to be announced in remission. Despite being in remission, however, Annette still required dialysis. Although she still required these treatments, Annette was stable enough to be a visitor to alternative dialysis units which allowed her to take a vacation to Hawaii with her family during this time. Additionally, because of her kidney stability, her doctor was able to cut down her dialysis from three to two times a week. Although it was only a one day difference, this made for a large difference in Annette’s day to day life.

After six years of dialysis, Annette’s nephrologists suggested she investigate the possibility of applying for a kidney transplant. After her application, Annette was accepted as a candidate. From there Annette began to look for a donor. She approached her three sisters, however, none of them were able to donate.

It was at this point in Annette’s transplant journey that her sister-in-law volunteered to be tested as a possible donor. The results came back, and Annette’s sister-in-law was an extremely close match. On November 22, 2011, they were admitted to OHSU where the transplant took place and was a major success.

Since the transplant, Annette and her kidney function have remained stable, and her life has changed in many ways. Annette is extremely grateful to everyone who assisted in her journey, especially to her sister-in-law for her tremendous donation.