At the end of 2018, I made the decision to donate a kidney to my mother and our date was set for the 21 May 2019. The reason behind my decision was that her hearts function started dropping as a result of fluid build up on her lungs, because of Peritoneal dialysis. This meant the lower her function the more likely she would be taken off the waiting list.

I always considered myself as an option but at the time of her diagnosis (2015) I had just started with my studies, and my parents wanted me to see it through. Between her initial diagnosis and the day she received confirmation on a date, many donors came forward of which none were successful. All until the Lord planned it in such a way, that my mother was to receive a kidney from her daughter who she birthday 25 years ago. His hand was in it all from the time of her initial diagnosis, and He is still with her today. What joy I feel knowing that a year later, my mother is by my side living her best life, dialysis free

Going through this process in my country (South Africa) I felt very alone, as much attention was focused on my mother as the kidney recipient. During my time of being worked up as a donor, I so much wished that I had someone to talk to, someone who could share their experience with me and clear up the questions I had about pre and post donation. Someone who could tell me…what is life like living with only one kidney? In the days after the operation I reflected back on the mental and emotional state I had found myself in: lonely, anxious, afraid, numb. I suddenly felt a deep desire to share my experience, to let someone else know what is life like with one kidney. I wanted to use my story as a living kidney donor to bring about awareness, support and hope for those going through or wanting to go through with kidney donation. It was with that deep desire that I created a platform on Instagram (@youngkidneydonors) to share my story, so that others may be educated, feel supported and share with me their own experiences. So that bit by bit each one of us can bring about hope by reaching someone out there who May feel moved to share their spare. Because there is nothing in this life, that is more rewarding and fulfilling than knowing you have significantly improved the quality and longevity of someone else’s life.