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Shaina McCloud
Executive Assistant
Sophia Ornelas
Social Media / Communications Manager

Intern (TEAM) Testimonials

“When I first came into this internship, I knew next to nothing about organ donation and the qualities and requirements to undergo or participate in such a procedure. The longer I worked with this organization, the more I learned about how important it is to be a registered donor. Additionally, I also learned that organ donation has affected far more people than I ever knew in my personal life, further solidifying to me why everyone should go to their regular check-ups and screenings, and also being a donor, whether that’s bone marrow through be the match, blood at a blood drive, or an organ donor registration on your license. I’m extremely excited to continue my work with this organization, and to further help the cause.”

– Bri Loughridge

“Going into this internship I was nervous because I did not know about organ donation and the importance of it, but what drew me into applying for the social media manager internship was, wanting to gain more experience in the social media field while also gaining more awareness and understanding of organ donation. One of my best friends went through a kidney transplant and so being able to see her journey through it made me want to educate myself and help others become more aware and bring awareness to this amazing organization. I am very thankful for the time that I spent during my internship, meeting the team, and being able to reach out and share testimonials of organ donors.”

– Claire

“My internship with Alexander’s Hope was my first real experience in the world of communications and social media. I was able to learn so much in such a short time, whether it was about creating a fundraiser, the behind the scenes of event communication, and so much more. Alexander’s Hope really helped me broaden my graphic design and email marketing skills, and this expertise have grown so much in such a short, and it is all because of this internship with Alexander’s Hope.”

– Elise

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