My Time at Alexander’s Hope

My name is Davis Hoover and over the last few months I have been privileged to help out at Alexander’s Hope in a remote internship position. It has been a very eye opening experience to learn about organ donation and cardiac arrest since the interview process. Prior to this opportunity, my only experience with organ donation had been sitting in a drivers education classroom when I was 15 years old. It has been extremely impactful and quite inspirational hearing the stories of so many people who have had their lives changed through the power of organ donation.

Only 54% of Americans are signed up as organ donors although survey data shows 95% claim to support it. This imbalance has led the transplant waiting list to include more than 117,000 people, a number which continues to grow. Hearing the stories of people being given new opportunities which come with organ donations has lead me to understand the importance of this cause. Signing up to be an organ donor is such an easy thing to do which has an enormous impact on other people.

What I have learned about both cardiac problems in younger individuals and lack of organ donors both derive from a lack of information. For many, signing up to be an organ donor or getting your heart checked in your youth may seem trivial although these small actions can end up having life changing impacts on yourself and others. Nobody knows if they will be impacted by these lifechanging events but everyone can take easy steps to learn, helping themselves and others. These are two causes which I have grown to love supporting and am very thankful I have had this opportunity.