Michael’s Legacy: Transcending Life and Death

We had the opportunity to read Michael’s Legacy: Transcending Life and Death by Mark Judelson. 

The book goes into the life and death of 23-year-old Michael Bovill and how his organs were able to live on in the bodies of 5 strangers, allowing them a second chance at life. Michael’s last act in this world was to give life to those in need. 

The book discusses so much of what we, at Alexander’s Hope, spread awareness of. This first hand story details the lives of each of Michael’s recipients, what led them to needing an organ and how they live their lives today. 

Judelson dives into the story of Roxanne Watson, who received Michael’s heart. Roxanne now spends most of her days advocating for people to become registered donors. She has signed up countless new donors through her mission. 

One of the most unique aspects of the book is how the author explores the timeline of organ and tissue donations throughout history, including the dates of the first successful transplants. For anyone that is on the cusp as to whether or not they should become a donor, this book is for them! 

To learn more about the book, visit: https://mascotbooks.com/mascot-marketplace/buy-books/nonfiction/bios-and-memoirs/michaels-legacy-transcending-life-and-death/

To purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Michaels-Legacy-Transcending-Life-Death/dp/1645435342/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=michael+legacy&qid=1609945422&sr=8-1

Thank you, Mark Judelson!