Eliminating Organ Donation Fear

There are many reasons which fearing of organ donation is completely natural. Thinking about what happens to us after we die is not necessarily something we enjoy thinking about. However, the goal of organ donation is not to impact us after we pass away, but instead to impact someone else or even save their life (or more). There are a couple different myths associated with organ donation which are completely untrue.

Myth 1: Medical professionals will not work as hard to save your life if you are an organ donor.

This is not a true statement at all. Medical professionals aim to treat patients to the best of their abilities whether or not they are organ donors. Often times, emergency medical technicians will not check if someone is an Organ Donor while working to save them. The search for an organ transplant recipient does not begin until after someone passes away when the donor hospital will call a local organ procurement organization.

Myth 2: Doctors may not confirm your death before starting an organ transplant

When someone is an organ donor, there are extra hospital staff which needs to sign off on a transplant before it happens because more medical procedures are performed. This means there are more precautions in place before someone is declared as dead. If you have a fear of being announced dead before you actually are, signing up to be an organ donor could potentially provide you with more comfort!

Myth 3: Your religion probably does not support organ donation

Most major religions including many denominations of Catholicism, Islam, Presbyterian and many branches of Judaism are not again organ donation.

Myth 4: You’re too young or old to donate

There is no age too young or old to sign up to be an organ donor. When under the age of 18, it is necessary to have a parent or legal guardian sign for you. Although not everyone has organs which are viable for transplant, everyone is able to be on the organ donor list which allows for medical professionals to be the deciders.

By spreading the truth about these myths, we hope to eliminate some of the fears you may have about organ donation!

-Davis Hoover, Alexander’s Hope Intern



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