Celebrities With Heart Conditions

While it may seem that only typical people are afflicted with heart conditions, the fact of the matter is that heart disease can affect anyone. This week, let’s explore a few famous and well known individuals that have or have fought heart disease.

Carrie Fisher

Well known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, she suffered from a heart attack which led to her death in 2016. Her long term affliction was atherosclerosis, which is when a buildup of plaque and made of fats and cholesterol which obstruct arteries and the flow of blood. And when the buildup breaks away, it has the potential to create a clot and cause a heart attack which is seen in Carrie Fisher’s case. While unfortunate, it points to the importance of maintaining good heart health including diet and exercise to limit the chances of such an event happening

Miley Cyrus

Former Disney star on the show Hannah Montanaand current pop singer, Miley Cyrus suffers from a condition called Tachycardia, which means she has an abnormally fast heart rate. While it isn’t a life threatening condition, her quickly beating heart works much less efficiently than that of a normal person. This results in a lower blood flow while also muscles needing more oxygen due to an elevated rate, leading to an increased chance of heart attack.

Brian Littrell

Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell had bouts of illnesses and disease such as having a heart murmur which was corrected via heart surgery when he was only 5. Additionally, he suffered Kawasaki Syndrome which is one of the leading causes of acquired heart disease. Mainly affecting children and some teens, the cause of the disease hasn’t been determined yet but is known for potentially causing complications further along the line such as heart attacks, myocarditis, dysrhythmia, and aneurysms.

While heart disease isn’t necessarily avoidable, it’s possible to take a preemptive strike and lower those chances by being healthy and active. Even famous celebrities can be afflicted by a heart condition which is why heart health is so important. If you would like to learn more about ways of staying heart healthy, please read some of our other blog posts to find out more.

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