Auction & Heart Screenings

With our Silent Auction coming up in just under two months, I wanted to share a little information about youth heart screenings and the importance of them! 

1 in 300 youths has an undetected heart condition that puts them at risk for sudden cardiac arrest! 

While the prevailing perception is that heart disease is an adult disease, there are thousands of youth who suddenly and unexpectedly suffer fatal or severely debilitating consequences due to undetected heart conditions. In fact, the standard approach to patient health history and physical examinations misses about 90% of youth at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. 

Please consider joining us at our virtual Silent Auction, October 8, 2021 at 7 PM. All proceeds earned will go towards youth heart screenings-you could potentially be helping to save a life! 

More information and registration can be found on our website

Shaina McCloud, Executive Assistant

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